5 Common Hair Washing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Washing your hair is an essential ritual for maintaining healthy, shiny hair . Unfortunately, some basic mistakes can hamper one’s efforts to have beautiful hair. To ensure that you maintain healthy, shiny hair, it’s important to know the common mistakes to avoid. Therefore, discover in this article the 5 mistakes to avoid when washing your hair.

washing hair too often

The first mistake to avoid is washing your hair too often . It is advisable to wash your hair every two or three days, as washing your hair too often can dehydrate and dry it out. Washing products that contain sulphate are particularly harsh and can damage the hair cuticle.

Indeed, almost most people wonder what is the recommended frequency for washing hair. As we tend to wash our hair usually when they are dirty, we do not realize the consequences of this gesture. Even though it removes dirt from the hair, it also removes the natural sebum from the hair. However, natural sebum protects the scalp against external aggressions . Hence, it is then important to reduce hair washing, because the sebum allows the scalp to repair hair loss quickly.

Adopt the wrong temperature washing hair

The second common mistake is using too hot water to wash your hair. Hot water not only feels great, it also rinses better. But, it can damage the cuticle of the hair and dry it out. It is best to opt for lukewarm water to wash your hair .


It is essential to adopt the right temperature to wash the hair. If you tend to wash your hair with water at a very high temperature, it may damage the scalp. So rinse hair with cold water to avoid this. Cold water helps firm the hair cuticle.

Using the wrong washing hair care products

Indeed, using the wrong hair care products is a mistake that really needs to be avoided . To wash your hair, opt for products adapted to your hair type. So, if you buy your shampoos, choose them according to your hair type and not for their perfume. For example :

  • For colored hair, opt for a shampoo that contains nourishing ingredients;
  • It is the same for curly hair which tends to dry out. For this type of hair, adopt a product that contains the minimum of surfactant.

Daily, do not forget to adopt a hair care routine for your hair. Treatments help maintain the beauty of your scalp. Adopt a mask as well as a conditioner while your hair is wet.

Using the wrong washing hair techniques

Indeed, you have to use the right shampoo, but also the right techniques. Using the wrong washing techniques can damage the scalp. Here are some tips for doing the hair washing process right:


  • Clean only the roots of your hair to avoid having dry lengths and oily roots. Like this, when rinsing, the shampoo will easily reach the ends;
  • Avoid doing an active scalp massage. It is necessary to massage the scalp with delicacy so that it cannot produce too much sebum;
  • It is also advisable to dry the hair with a microfiber towel and not a bath towel. However, avoid rubbing your hair on the towel. Just simply tap them.

To wash without mistakes, these tips will help you adopt the right techniques for washing your hair.

Not rinsing out shampoo properly Hair

Rinsing the hair does not mean that you just have to run water over the hair. When rinsing, make sure that no product remains on the hair.

The gestures and techniques used during the process of washing the scalp is important to maintain healthy hair. In order to achieve this, it is now necessary to avoid repeating these errors when washing your hair.

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