Fear of the gas crisis

In almost every second German household, gas is used for heating, but for how long and at what price? Many citizens are looking for alternatives: coal stoves, fireplaces, fan heaters – some out-of-fashion heat sources are suddenly in great demand again.
Supply bottlenecks and environmental problems
Much is already running out, there are long waiting times for a new stove or firewood, and the enormous demand is also causing prices to rise here. Dr. Oliver Powalla from the BUND observes this development with concern: “If you have the opportunity to put a tiled stove back into operation and still get coal briquettes, this can be a solution in individual cases. At the same time, of course, it is very regrettable for climate protection. As well as the increased use of firewood – here you can at least see whether the wood is certified as sustainable.”

Family English from Michendorf near Potsdam has a gas heater in their family house. But for fear of a cold winter, high prices and a possible gas shortage, they bought a stove and installed it themselves.” We were really lucky – the delivery times are many weeks, if the dealers still have ovens in stock! “We managed to get hold of another one online,” Friedemann reports in English. Now the stove only has to be removed from the responsible district chimney sweep.

Reduce consumption – and then?

Professor Dr. Barbara Praetorius from the Berlin University of Applied Sciences advises: “Overall, it is really more worthwhile to reduce consumption. Households will be the last to run out of gas – but it will be expensive. If you lower the room temperature by about one degree, you have a savings of six percent. And this will of course also be shown positively on the lower energy bill.”

What measures can really be taken to save gas? And which ones are less advisable? What are the consequences for the climate and the environment? ” Planet e.” investigates these questions and has accompanied people who want to prepare for the upcoming winter.

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