After the death of Queen Elizabeth II? The king Charles III

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Charles, the seemingly eternal heir to the throne, inherited a difficult office. What new accents will he set up as King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? He took over the crown in extremely difficult times.

Brexit and its consequences determine day-to-day politics, climate change pushes activists into the streets of the world and the kingdom have long ceased to be an obvious entity. There are secessionist movements in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And Charles also has new troubles in his family. The rift between his sons William and Harry who quarrel is too deep for peace to be restored in the foreseeable future

King Charles III

Brother Andrew is at the center of an unprecedented civil trial for an alleged sexual crime. Never before had the Windsor family had to seek recognition of their prominent position in British society as they do in the 21st century. Will Charles find the right answers to keep the “shop” together, as his father Philip used to joke Buckingham Palace?

What are his plans to reform the monarchy? Will the people accept him – and crown his controversial wife Camilla as queen? The question now is whether people have forgiven her for her role in the tragedy surrounding Princess Diana.

Never in history has an heir to the throne had as much time to prepare for his duties as 73-year-old Charles. What modernity is there in the often-underestimated heir of the throne, who must now come out of the long shadow of his mother?

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