What Happens If We Eat Bread Every Day?

Bread belongs to Germany like beer and bratwurst – while low-carb fans want to avoid all carbohydrates, good-quality bread is popular with fans of a balanced whole-food cuisine. Everyone has to decide for themselves where they see themselves. But the fact is that you can’t just demonize bread when it’s a wholesome variety. For the body, it plays an enormous role whether you eat plain wheat bread, which is mostly the case, or healthy whole grain varieties. That’s why we wanted to know how our daily white flour bread in particular affects our bodies. Please!

These 4 things happen when you eat bread every day

  1. You suffer from food cravings
    Anyone who likes to eat wheat bread and rolls may taste something of it, but not as far as the degree of satiety is concerned. The short-chain carbohydrates cause the blood sugar level to skyrocket and drop again just as quickly. This causes food cravings. You can definitely counteract this if you rely on wholemeal bread – the exact opposite happens here, you are full for a long time and the blood sugar level remains stable. However, since this food has a high energy density, you should not eat too much of it if you only exercise moderately – otherwise the calories will quickly land on your hips.

These things happen when you drink oat milk every day

  1. You suffer from bloating
    Stomach feels bloated? No wonder, because industrially processed bread has hardly any time to mature and the fermentation process simply continues in our stomach. Good bread needs rest, rest, rest. In the past, abdominal pain, feeling of fullness and the like were mostly attributed to the protein glue gluten – it is now known that the quick preparation method is also responsible for this.

  1. Headaches don’t stand a chance
    Our brain also needs food – and it gets it in the form of carbohydrates and sugar. So if you eat bread for breakfast, you’ll have better mental performance throughout the morning. The brain doesn’t care whether it gets its food from wheat or wholemeal bread. So that you don’t suffer from ravenous hunger attacks and are fully productive, you should, as already explained under point 1, better rely on whole grain or a delicious sourdough bread.

  1. You don’t lose weight
    Are you on a diet and wondering why you’re just not losing weight? This may be because you’re eating too much bread. The food has a lot of carbohydrates, which are converted into sugar in the body if you don’t consume them. It then lands on the hips in the form of bacon. Therefore, you should eat fewer carbohydrates, i.e. bread. There is nothing wrong with some healthy wholemeal or protein bread, this fills you up for a long time and gives you the energy you need for the day.

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