7 Think What Your Eyebrows Say ?

Our face is full of secrets. According to Professor Albert Mehrabian, 55% of our communication is visual, that is to say linked to our body language and our facial expressions. Certain parts of our face would thus have the ability to reveal traits of our personality. The author Jean Haner devoted his book The Wisdom of your face to this subject. We understand thanks to his various researches that our interlocutors can get to know us better without us having to say a single word. In this article, we are going to focus on eyebrows and what they say about us. 

straight eyebrows

People with straight eyebrows are often considered to be very thoughtful and have a logical way of looking at things. They know how to make choices and make clear decisions. They also have a highly developed and relevant analytical capacity, and they can prove to be very good mediators in resolving a conflict. The unknown does not scare them because they have learned to trust their intuition.

thick eyebrows

Thick eyebrows reveal an ambitious, go-getter personality that isn’t afraid to go on an adventure. People who have it are jacks of all trades who know how to be dynamic in all circumstances. They do not shy away from the task and know how to be courageous when necessary. They compare very little to others and feel good in their sneakers.

Thin eyebrows

Thin eyebrows are evidence of a gentle, non-argumentative personality. People with this type of eyebrows will tend to lack self-confidence, but will make good friends thanks to their great active listening skills. They are pleasant to live with and sensitive.

short eyebrows

People with short eyebrows have an anxious personality, which anxiety may stem from their inability to handle conflict. They prefer to run away from this type of problem. These people tend to anticipate possible difficulties too much: this is one of the reasons why they avoid conflicts, because they often envisage the worst. Finally, people with short eyebrows know how to escape into their imagination.

The pointed eyebrows

People with pointed eyebrows know how to tame their emotions. It is this character trait that allows them to keep a cool head and to be good, determined and persevering leaders. No obstacle stops them: where there are problems, these people already know that they can find a solution. They are curious in nature and often force of proposal.

Long eyebrows

People with long eyebrows know how to challenge themselves. They are also considered to be great competitors. These people are indeed able to remain calm to face the challenges of life. They are reliable individuals who do everything to keep their word, caring people who know how to gauge situations as well as other people.

Rounded eyebrows

People with rounded eyebrows are careful to be altruistic and always know how to elegantly respond to an objection. People with this type of personality are often smiling and warm. They naturally reach out to others and know how to show solidarity. They are also able to easily motivate themselves, as well as others.

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