14 Mistakes That Can Drive Your Partner Away

A new relationship can be as scary as exciting vertigo – you can sabotage it because you’re crazy about this person and act so crazy every now and then. It’s hard to decode other people’s emotions while trying to understand your own. Slow down a bit and read these tips for maximizing your blossoming relationship and cultivating a healthy foundation between you and your partner, without scaring them off. Here are some things NOT to do.

  • Lying or any other form of “betrayal”. It’s being manipulative and regaining trust can be difficult afterwards, sometimes impossible. Honesty is always rewarded.
  • Not communicating well . Little or no communication can end a relationship early, that’s for sure.
  • Being clingy and desperate. It is proof of a lack of self-confidence and a constant need to be reassured, which the person opposite cannot always manage. 
  • Asking too much. You have to give people the freedom to live their lives and not have a huge list of demands waiting for them at the door when they get home.
  • Throw ultimatums all the time. Ultimatums are the worst thing for a relationship, as much as a compromise and negotiation are necessary for balance.
  • Seek constant reassurance. Seeking excessive reassurance in a relationship means that this need will never be satisfied, no matter how much attention the partner gives. And scare away.
  • Over-analyze situations! Going crazy over small details and overanalyzing to a ridiculous extent is sure to kill your relationship. Try to go with the flow instead of being the source of destructive thoughts.
  • Be passive and aggressive. Being confrontational is not a quality; avoid being aggressive in a sneaky or manipulative way, just for fun.
  • Trying to change a person. There is a difference between improving, becoming better and changing an identity. In this case, you shouldn’t even be with the person.
  • Bring exes back all the time: tell your friends or your mom, not your partner! This is a far from exciting mistake…
  • Quibble over details. Quibbling will almost always lead to arguments. Inability to swallow your pride is a bad sign and may cause you to break up in the near future.
  • Being selfish and bringing everything to you. If you can’t be generous, you’re doomed. Unselfishness is one of the cornerstones of a relationship, as is respect, which is equally important.
  • Inability to apologize. The excuse is fundamental to a relationship and helps overcome various obstacles. If you can’t say sorry, you won’t be a great partner.
  • Being too bossy. An overly dominating side is unattractive and creates exhaustion for the other people around you.

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