5 Secrets Every Woman Secretly Keep from Her Man

No matter how insincere it may seem, there are always secrets that we women, unwittingly or not, treasure. Even the smartest of us aren’t always 100% sure what to say or not to say in different situations. Let’s list things not to tell your man and believe it or not, later you will be grateful.

We spy on our exes!
Ok, espionage is bad and the word seems a bit strong, but it’s hard not to “ find out ” about what the person you’ve been with for quite some time is done. That does not mean we still love him. It’s curiosity not to be taken too seriously like observing on the spouses of our darlings.

We love moments to ourselves
We often say that we miss him when we are alone, but is it really true? Only partially! In reality we are “happy” that he is gone, we can be even more ourselves and enjoy the moments to ourselves.

When you fall in love
It’s scientifically proven that falling in love is a stressful time and loss of appetite is normal. And that’s a mystery your man doesn’t need to know…

How many partners, we had before him?
Every girl wants a sincere relationship. But when a man asks how many partners she’s had, she better divide the number by 2. It’s not lying, it’s transient amnesia about past sexual experiences, it happens. We have the right not to reveal this number if we do not wish. Having an active sex life is a normal and adult thing so nothing to be ashamed of.

Your best friend knows everything about him
Even if we don’t want to share everything or almost everything, we do it, that’s how it is. Dispute, bank account, his friend you don’t like… We share more than we imagine and it’s not without risks, but the best friend, we can trust her.

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