7 Ways to Handle a Jealous Boyfriend

Are you struggling to manage your relationship stress because of a very jealous boyfriend? You don’t understand why he always makes a scene when you want to go out or when you talk with other guys? Why is he always suspected and suspects you of imaginary infidelities?

Reasoning with a very jealous partner is difficult and these kinds of conflicts can make your life hell. Although such a relationship usually does not last very long, it is important, at least in the beginning, to try to understand the situation and possibly find a way, together, to cope with it and overcome the difficulties

What could be the reasons?

In order to better approach the situation, it is important to try to understand what are the reasons for this abnormal behavior. Some men may have trust issues because they have had partners in the past who betrayed them. Others will have a difficult family history, leading to attachment issues and a fear of abandonment. Jealousy can also come from low self-esteem which usually leads to various complexes. Last but not least, the person himself may not be a trustworthy person and cheat you; therefore, she is afraid that others will treat her the same way.

Signs to spot

If you’re in a relationship, you may develop additional sensitivity to changes affecting the other person. A jealous person has a typical set of signs that sometimes evolve gradually. Thus, it can for example: constantly monitor you and ask you several times an hour where you are; always get upset when you go out with his friends, without him; request access to your private accounts; not letting you go without him; getting angry when other guys are interested in you; ask you to publicly disclose your relationship on social media, accusing you all the time of cheating on him.

What to do

We’ve identified seven tips to help you deal with a jealous boyfriend. However, these are only recommendations: in case the situation becomes more difficult and he ends up becoming more aggressive, it is better to contact a relationship therapist and a psychologist. In any case, you should never give up on your self-esteem and always get out of a toxic relationship as soon as possible, before it poisons your life.

  • Understand the circumstances

It is very important to clearly understand what are the reasons that cause his jealousy. You can also try talking to his family and friends, as they may know the reason for his compulsive behavior.

  • Clarify boundaries with other guys

Socializing with the opposite sex should always take place within certain boundaries. In other words, being too close to someone is one step closer to flirting and eventual emotional attachment. If you are in a relationship with someone, it would be wiser to send a clear message as to who is or is not allowed to enter your private space.

  • Communicate honestly

Communication based on trust is a very important asset in a relationship. Therefore, it is essential to be transparent and open about your activities and your schedule. Beware, sharing passwords to your email and social media accounts is a whole different story and you might want to think twice before doing so.

  • Explain your feelings

Your boyfriend may not be aware of the consequences of his behavior. If it’s taking him a while to figure out, you should openly share your concerns with him, including telling him how his negativity is affecting you. If he really loves you, maybe he will change.

  • Have a life outside of the relationship

It’s important for you and your boyfriend to understand that having a life outside of your relationship is actually good for your relationship. Everyone should have their own friends, hobbies, and pace of life, and there’s no reason to be jealous because you both know your boundaries.

  • Let him get more involved in your life

One suggestion that might stave off suspicion about how your day is going would be to make more room for your boyfriend in your life. This way, he will know what your regular activities are and can feel welcome. Better segregation of duties allows him to do more for you, can dispel suspicion a bit, and let him know how important he is to you.

  • Show him he’s your number 1

No matter how many people are around you, always let him know that he is special and always will be. For example, always sit close to him, listen to what he says, support him, and make sure people see how proud you are that he’s your boyfriend.

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